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“As your Town Clerk, I will fight to ensure residents' information is stored securely and protected from outside threats.”



Kevin has:

• Voted to migrate town records to a secure Microsoft cloud service which protects sensitive data and guards against potential cyber threats.

• Voted to implement new Town Hall security measures to limit outside access to reinforce vulnerable areas.

• Supports cyber security training for all Town employees.

Kevin will:

• Continue making necessary upgrades to the Town’s existing Record Center to protect Town records from physical damage, external data breaches, theft, and fraud.



Kevin has:

• Spearheaded efforts to live stream Town Board, Planning Board and Board of Zoning Appeal meetings as well as publish agendas and meeting minutes online on the Town’s website.

Kevin will:

• Attend community meetings to hear directly from residents and provide information on Town Clerk services.

• Hold mobile office hours to make Town Clerk services more accessible to residents.

• Utilize social media to inform residents of Town Board meetings and other important Town events.



Kevin has:

• Saved taxpayer dollars through Intermunicipal agreements with various villages and libraries to digitize and securely store their records. 

• Increased accessibility to Spanish speaking residents by ensuring all applications and vital records are translated to Spanish.


Kevin will:

• Update Town of Brookhaven website to provide more online services for residents.

• Streamline permitting procedures to eliminate red tape and reduce processing time.

• Continue to work with staff for better accommodation of persons with disabilities or mobility issues.

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